El Palomar village

Belfry of San Pedro Apostol Church - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)
Streets - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)
Streets - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)
The Rosario Hermitage - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)
Traditional laundry - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)
The Carrícola castle - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)
Tennis courts - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)
Local pool - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain)

El Palomar village

El Palomar village is located in Albaida Valley, south of Valencia province, very close to Alicante province.

The village has interesting places to visit, among them: Font de Sis ParkAstres Park, the Hermitage of Roser, the Parish Museum and the little castle of Carrícola.

Font de Sis Park is a natural place surrounded by poplars, where the old laundry room and the six-spout fountain give it its name. In him we can cross the Path of Junda Ravine, which borders this ravine next to the river. It has a children's play area with swings and a zip line. This place is chosen by many residents to spend a day surrounded by nature.

We can attend to Patron Saint Festivities in August, to Festes del Xop in May and to Foguera de Sant Antoni in January.

In the village there are many possibilities for practicing sports on municipal sports courts: swimming pool, soccer, tennis, basketball ... There are also recreational areas for children and adults, green areas for walking, an old laundry, barbecue area, etc.

Albaida Valley and El Palomar village maintain a rich gastronomic tradition. It is characteristic the hospitality of its people and you can taste dishes and sweets made with artisan products. In the area we can find products such as oil, wine, honey ... and cooperatives, wineries and various places where we will have the possibility of acquiring them.