The Albaida Valley

Benicadell mountain range - The Albaida Valley - Valencia (Spain)
Benicadell mountain range - The Albaida Valley - Valencia (Spain)
Ontinyent village - The Albaida Valley - Valencia (Spain)
Milá and Aragó Palace in Albaida - The Albaida Valley - Valencia (Spain)
Mariola mountain range - The Albaida Valley - Valencia (Spain)

The Albaida Valley

Albaida Valley presents many attractions for the visitor. We comment on the different natural spaces existing in the region. We can find:


We can make balloon trips, hikes in the mountains, horseback riding, cycling or visiting the museums in the area.

If you want more information or hire some of these services, you can check by mail before arrival and we can put you in contact with the corresponding company or even make a reservation on your behalf.

In the area we find the "thematic routes" that will make the traveler enjoy: the "Route of Medieval Villas", the "Route of Benicadell Towns", the "Route of Sundials" and the "Route of Local Products".

Albaida Valley is surrounded by several mountain ranges, ideal scenario for walkers or cyclists. There are valuable natural resources, botanical and heritage scattered along the many trails that are marked. The GR, PR and SL are approved trails with a signage governed by European regulations.


In the valley we can find some towns famous for their history:

In ALBAIDA we can visit the Castle Palace of the Milan and Aragon and its old town.

The old town of BOCAIRENT contains countless secluded enclaves of interest and samples of the vestiges that the medieval has left in the municipality, such as the Church of the Assumption or the Plaza del Tou de Sant Pere.

Les Covetes dels Moros are located on a rocky slope and form a set of 53 cavities artificially excavated in the rock and with similar characteristics that would correspond to ancient dwellings.

We can also find the Hermitage of Santo Abad, the Hermitage of San Jaume and Santo Cristo, among other attractions.

The Bullring, excavated in rock, is the oldest in the community and has a great tourist attraction.

In ONTINYENT we can visit the medieval quarter of La Vila, the Hermitage of Santa Ana and Calvario or the church of Santa María. Also in their surroundings we can visit the Gamellons environment, the Pou Clar, where bathers enjoy in summer, and the San Pere oriel, among others.

GANDIA is half an hour away by car. In addition to its wonderful beaches and walks through the mountains that surround it, we can visit old buildings such as the Alquería del Duc, the Municipal Library, or the Borgia Ducal Palace , among others.

If you want more information about any place of interest in the area or the province, you can not check it at home or before arriving.