Rural tourism in Valencia

Palace of Milà and Aragó in Albaida, Valencia (Spain) - Holiday House El Palomar

Visit Albaida 2019 - Program

In Albaida they want to hold a big celebration on the occasion of World Tourism Day. For this they have developed a very ambitious program.

Benicadell mountain range - The Albaida Valley - Valencia (Spain) - Holiday House El Palomar

The Albaida Valley

Located in Valencia, near Alicante province, the valley receives its name from the river Albaida, which in turn gives its name to the town of Albaida, the first town that crosses. This name comes from the arabic (al-baīḑà’), and means "the white one". Surrounded by mountains, Albaida Valley presents a wide variety of natural and cultural spaces where you can perform interesting activities.

Belfry of San Pedro Apostol Church - El Palomar, Valencia (Spain) - Holiday House El Palomar

El Palomar village

El Palomar village is located in Albaida Valley, south of Valencia province. The village has interesting places to visit, among them: Font de Sis Park, Astres Park, the Hermitage of Roser, the Parish Museum and the little castle of Carrícola.

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia - Holiday House El Palomar


If you don't know Valencia, we strongly recommend you visit it. For its impressive architecture, its rich history, its world-famous festivals, its charming neighborhoods, its tasty cuisine, its wide beaches, its interesting museums ... There are thousands of reasons to visit Valencia, all wonderful.